A corn tortilla which has been fried to form a crispy shell. May also be a soft corn tortilla.


Made using either corn or wheat; form the basis for nearly all Mexican dishes.


A tortilla filled with taco meat.


A tortilla filled with marinated strips of grilled meat.

The Spanish word 'faja' means 'belt' and is the thin leathery part of a skirt steak. This is marinated for several weeks and then cut into thin strips and grilled over an open fire.The kind of wood used is called mesquite and it produces a characteristic smoky flavour.

A sizzling fajita is often served on special fajita pans, and can be made using strips of meat, chicken, fish or shellfish marinated and grilled alongside onions and peppers and eaten with tortillas, salsas and guacamole.


Filled corn tortillas baked in a spicy, tomato-based salsa.


Fried or grilled tortilla, which is always filled with cheese.


Tortillas that are fried to form a tub and then filled with salad, fish, chicken or shellfish. They can also be used for desserts.


Dough made with masa mix (a light, finely-ground corn flour), which is rolled out on soaked corn husks. Fillings are placed on top of the dough, which is folded over to make small bundles or rolls. These are then steamed.


A thick, spicy cooked salsa that may normally contain up to 20 ingredients, including at least six or seven different types of chili.
A mole can also be the basis for a casserole.


A salsa made from fresh vegetables. The most common ingredients used are tomato, chili and onion.


Fish or shellfish that has been marinated in lime juice and flavoured with chili and fresh coriander.


Means 'rooster's beak' and is a form of salad cut into small pieces for picking at. It usually contains tomatoes, onion, lime juice and coriander.

There are many variations on a pico flavoured with lime juice and coriander.


Actually only mashed avocado. Each family has its own recipe, which will normally contain garlic, chili and lime.

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