Understanding Mexican Food


What exactly is a tortilla? The word itself means 'little cake', but it is actually a type of bread originally made from corn flour, which forms the basis of nearly all Mexican cooking. The most important ingredients in a tortilla are wheat, water and Vegetable oil.

The Spanish first introduced wheat to Mexico. Nowadays wheat tortillas are just as common as corn tortillas, and are present at every meal.

Wheat tortillas are used as plates, wraps and as an ingredient in a large number of dishes, including burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, tostadas and tamales.

Salsalito's Tortillas are soft and authentic tasting, and have a shelf life of 6 months.


When you fry a corn tortilla, it becomes a taco, nacho or tortilla chip. Tacos are made from corn flour, edible vegetable oil and salt.

Taco Shells are made using GM-free corn flour. Corn flour is also gluten-free.


Salsalito has three spice or seasoning mixes for classic Mexican dishes.

This range is an invaluable aid in the kitchen and makes the preparation of genuine Mexican dishes both quick and easy.


The most important ingredients in nachos and chips are corn flour and edible vegetable oil.


Salsa means 'sauce'. This dish is often made from raw vegetables such as tomatoes, chili, onion and garlic.

Salsas come in different strengths and flavours and a couple are always served with the meal.

Salsalito has several great Salsas and Dips to enjoy with your meal!


A new, exciting and easy-to-prepare-at-home Dip! A specially created blend of spices that can be easily mixed with Dahi (curd) to prepare a wonderful Ranch or Cheese Dip. To be enjoyed with Chips and Salads.

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